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As you read through this page there will be many references to the Bible. This is because we believe it to be the word of God to all of us and, as such, to contain the message that God wants us to know. If you want to check out what is written you can do so by looking up the references given.
1. Are you a Christian?
2. If so, are you certain of Heaven?
3. If you answer yes, what is the basis of your hope of Heaven?

These are vital questions for every person. The opportunity that God has given us must not be neglected. What does the Bible teach us in respect to these questions?

1. Are you Christian?

Have you been saved, or born again? The question assumes that we all need to be saved from something. That 'something' is sin. Sin is the self-will that characterizes humanity because of our first parent Adam's transgression in the Garden of Eden.(1) We are all sinners in God's sight.(2) The consequences of sin are serious for us all. Sin separates us from God because He is pure or, as the Bible puts it, holy. (3) That separation now can be separation forever if our sin is not confessed and forgiven, for sin will keep us out of Heaven.(4)

2. If so, are you certain of Heaven?

The question assumes that there is life after death.(5) The place where that life will be lived is described in the Bible as either Heaven or Hell.(6) Heaven is the place where God dwells and is a place that is characterized by the same qualities - holiness, righteousness, light, and love. Hell is the place of darkness, torment, and loss.

3. What is the basis of hope for Heaven?

We cannot rely upon a 'Christian' home or upbringing to gain us a home in heaven for no action of another human being could remove the stain of sin from us.(7) We cannot rely upon our 'good' life or 'good' works to gain us a home in heaven.(8) The Bible teaches that the only basis of hope for heaven is in the person of God's only Son, the Lord Jesus Christ.(9) The Lord Jesus gave His life on Calvary's cross nearly 2000 year's ago to pay the penalty of our sin.(10) Only the sacrifice of Christ can remove the stain of sin from our lives and fit us for heaven.(11) The salvation that God offers us through His Son, Jesus Christ, can only be accessed through repentance and faith.(12) Repentance means accepting that we are sinners and confessing that fact to God.(13) Repentance and faith brings forgiveness. Salvation is the gift of God.(14) How can we be saved from sin's penalty? Acts chapter 16 verse 31, 'Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and thou shalt be saved'. However, the offer of God's mercy is time limited. We do not know what tomorrow holds.(15) Without Christ as our Saviour we are bound for a lost eternity in Hell. Now is the time and day of opportunity. We must not be negligent.(16) We believe that the Bible is its own best preacher of the gospel. Read the verses in the references given below and see how God has set forth the wonderful message of salvation in His Son, Jesus Christ.

May God bless His Word to all who will read it. For more information please write to us.

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